Gidsy is launching in Gent & Hasselt!

A classic tale of two Belgian cities, both alike in dignity, passion and probably waffles. Gent and Hasselt dueled it out to see who would prevail as the next Gidsy city to launch.

photo:  Powerhouse Museum Collection |

We have been amazed and very impressed by their community efforts - from blog posts and Tweets to Facebook groups and even newspaper articles!  This has made us so happy that we have decided to launch in both cities next week - Wednesday, May 16th. 

Congratulations, people of Hasselt & Gent! You have successfully unlocked your cities on Gidsy, and we’re really excited to work with you!

If you’re living in Hasselt or Gent and want to get involved, you can start creating your listings now so we can feature them on launch day! 

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Want to unlock your city?
If you think your city has what it takes but is just missing a Gidsy, follow the lead of Hasselt & Gent, and get your community involved! Once there are enough listings in your city, we’ll launch there. Easy as that! Click here to learn more about unlocking your city on Gidsy.