Handle your public Gidsy page like a boss (…and build your brand)

Public Gidsy profile pages are a very useful tool for organizers to build and establish their own “brand” around their activity, improve their marketing efforts and share their activities with a broader audience. 

We already have some superstars on Gidsy, when it comes to successfully marketing activities and building up a steady fan base. There is, for example, Piet in Amsterdam. He’s a retired Amsterdam cop who leads Red Light District tours, and integrates his Gidsy presence into all his marketing efforts - with huge success!

Mark, the organizer of two NYC dumpling tours is another stellar example (read his handy promotion tips here). With his newly established Twitter account ‘Dumplr’ he can reach out to even more people and establish a brand experience that’ll help him to kick even more, ahm, dumplings in the future. 

Customize your public Gidsy page with a personal URL
An easy but efficient first step for you to get started is sprucing up your profile page, and set up your custom Gidsy URL. Choosing a personalized Gidsy URL will make sharing your public Gidsy page even easier, and more beneficial for you. It’ll also make it easier for people to find you via search machines and key words. 

A well groomed profile page with a personal picture that shows the very best side of your gorgeous face, a few lines that describe yourself and links to your other online presences will work wonders.