Gidsy is launching in Istanbul!

The community has spoken: Gidsy will launch in Istanbul on May 7th! Since this is the first city launch that you have made happen with “Unlock your City!”, we’re that more excited about it. Congratulations, Istanbul!

photo: Nationaal Archief |

If you’re in Istanbul, we would love to get you involved! You can start creating your listings now so they’ll be online for the big launch, and get a bit of extra attention. 

Organize something in Istanbul 

Want to help “Unlock your City" on Gidsy? Get your peers involved and start creating listings! Once there are enough listings for a city, we’ll launch there - easy as that. For a little inspiration, take a look at this great blog post about launching Gidsy in Gent.

The Gidsy Team is coming to Istanbul!
Since we’re so excited about working with the great community in Istanbul, we’ll even be going there to organize a meetup in the next few weeks! Be sure to follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop about our upcoming visit…