Get ready for the 1st Gidsy meetup

Only three more sleeps until the 1st Gidsy Meetup at our office in Berlin. We’re super excited to see that so many of you want to spend a nice afternoon with us and, and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming you all!

photo: State Library and Archives of Florida |

Just bring your bathing suits and goggles and we’ll have a fun time. Naaah, just kidding.

Here’s what’s gonna happen:

We’ll kick off with a little demo session to show you what we have in the pipeline. And we’d love to hear your feedback! From there we’ll move on to a quick round of smaller sessions. Whether you have specific user questions, want to know how to promote your activity like a boss or are interested in getting the bigger picture and see how Gidsy can do the trick for you - it’s Q&A time. 

And finally, we’ll get crafty together. With the help of Gosia, a Berlin based Gidsy organizer, we’ll make our own, very unique notebooks. We provide all needed materials like cardboard, paper etc., but you are welcome to bring your own stuff as well. Think old paper bags, wrapping paper, cut-out poems or recipes, dried flowers, colourful bandaids or lace - just about everything you want to use to make your notebook all the more unique and ‘you’. And no worries, you don’t have to be a crafting wiz for this.

Tasty snacks and drinks will also be available, so a fun & relaxing & educational afternoon is guaranteed for all.

We’ll see you at 2pm this Saturday, April 21st at Adalbertstr.6, 10999 Berlin!