Gidsy partners up with Jamie Oliver

We’re extremely excited to team up with Jamie Oliver and play an important role in the upcoming Food Revolution Day, happening on Saturday, May 19th.

From the very beginning of Gidsy, food has played an important role in our community. Actually, failing to find wild mushrooms was one of the sparks behind starting Gidsy 9 months ago! And since our launch in November, we’ve come a long way. Mark organizes dumpling tours in NYC, Rachel teaches amazing cooking classes in London and Sebastian can show you how to make the best Allgäuer Kässpatzen in Berlin you’ve ever had. These are just a few examples among many, many more listings.

Knowing where our food comes from, being able to grow our own produce and educating people how to cook (and enjoy doing it!) are the first steps in building a world without pink slime, high-fructose corn syrup and bland, mass-produced food. Turning our focus to small businesses, urban farming initiatives, local agriculture and knowledge-sharing can help us rethink the way we eat and live.

Join the Food Revolution
On May 19th, you can join thousands of people around the world to make a difference. On this day, individuals stand together to help change the way people eat. Through food education, skill sharing and workshops, you can help motivate others to stand up for their right to better food. And the best thing? All net funds will go towards food education through Jamie’s foundation projects in the US, UK and Australia. The money will be used to educate, empower and inspire people of all ages to make better and more-informed food choices.

Together, we can make a real impact.

If you want to get involved, you can start creating an activity around real food and healthy, active lifestyles. This is an international campaign, so anyone, anywhere can create an event for Food Revolution Day on Gidsy! And, if you’re in Berlin around May 19th - you’re free to join our Seed Funding activity, which will happen at the Gidsy HQ. Or, check out one of the many other activities that are happening on Food Revolution Day.

Join the Food Revolution