The “Fab Weekend Planner”

Guys, here’s breaking news from the Gidsy HQ: today is an awesome day! Spring has finally arrived in Berlin, and we’re totally smitten with it. Bring on the sweater weather!

photo: OSU Special Collection & Archives |

Obviously, it’s high time to plan the upcoming weekend. We’re crossing our fingers that the weather in your part of the world doesn’t let you down either, because in this edition of our “Fab Weekend Planner”, it’s all about being out and about. Here are some activities happening on Gidsy this weekend. 


  • Did winter make you believe that Berlin is a grey city with a history that tastes like sour relish? Rediscover the lady at the Spree on the ’The Essential Berlin Walk’.
  • And while were’re at it - the Spree, I mean - you might want to enjoy the sunshine from a boat. ‘Know more about the Spree river' and marvel at the city along the water.

New York


Los Angeles

  • Find out what’s ‘Behind The Hollywood Sign’. The 360 degree view from up there (complimented by a sparkling cider toast) could give you a new perspective of LA.
  • Or you ‘Learn to eat fire' and give your friends the opportunity to develop a new perspective of you…


San Francisco

Of course, this is just a selection of activities going on this weekend. Check your Gidsy city page to find out what else is on in your city. Froher Frühling!