An update on the Gidsy City Launches…

photo: JWA Commons |

Last week, we were happy to announce our new approach to city launches. It’s now up to you to bring Gidsy to your city. 

Since then, we’ve been super excited to see all the positive feedback, new listings and forum posts dedicated to unlocking your cities. People from all over the world, from small villages in Thailand to big urban centers such as Johannesburg, Barcelona, Toronto, Hamburg and Seoul, want to open Gidsy for their region. Pretty cool!

To hold up our end of the bargain, we’ve compiled a few handy tips & tricks to help set you off on the right foot. They can be found here. Some highlights include: 

  • Learn how to kickstart a Gidsy city launch in using some offline tactics, too! Not a social media wiz? These tips & tricks will help spark some ideas about how you can spread the word in your neighborhood, without relying too much on the internet. 
  • Learn how to create an approval-ready listing on the first go - this checklist covers all the bases, from the required steps and information, to the “nice-to-haves” that will make your listing stand out, and be online in no time.

At the moment, we have two cities tied neck-and-neck in the quest to unlock Gidsy. Both are so close to fulfilling our criteria for launch, and we are eagerly awaiting a victor! 

Do you think your city has what it takes? Be sure to visit our forum to join the conversation and get the ball rolling.