Gidsy for Education & Learning!

In the past weeks, you have surprised us with stellar new activities every day. As the spectrum of activities broadened, we realized there was something very important missing. That’s why today we are launching our ‘Education & Learning’ category! 

As one Mr. Fischer put it, “All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.”

photo: The U.S. National Archive |

There are already many great activities listed that will now find their rightful place in the ‘Education & Learning’ category. Here are just a few examples:

Now think about all the cool things you learned yourself at one point. Those Salsa moves you picked up in Cuba, the time your dad taught you how to catch a fish or when your best friend showed you how to set up a website that doesn’t make you shrivel when looking at it. It’s time to share those skills with others.

So go ahead and create your listing in the ‘Education & Learning’ category now!