Unlock Your City!

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback in the past couple of months, and one thing has resonated loud and clear: you want Gidsy in your city! So we’ve come up with a plan to let you decide where Gidsy should launch next.

The premise is simple: You show us that your city has got what it takes, and we’ll launch there. Easy as that. 

photo: State Library and Archives of Florida | http://www.flickr.com/photos/floridamemory/5661210678/

Unlock your City 
Show us that your city has got what it takes, and we’ll launch the city. All it takes are unique activities that make us want to drop our coffee cups and book a flight.

Here’s how you can launch Gidsy to your city
As soon as there are 5 unique activities listed for a city, we’ll launch a Gidsy city page. The Gidsy forum will be your go-to place where we’ll post updates, tips & tricks, and maybe even some giveaways…

These are some steps you can take

  1. Sign up for Gidsy and fill in your full profile.
  2. Create your listing(s)
  3. Tell your friends and family about it.
  4. Rally the troops! Either create a new City Launch topic in the forum, or join an existing conversation. Get involved in discussions, share your own listing updates, ask questions and brainstorm about your city launch.
  5. Spread the word and start networking! Tweet, FB and blog about your city launch campaign!

Visit our Forum to learn more, meet other enthusiasts and see how easy it is to launch Gidsy in your city! And as always, we’d love to know what you think about it.

Get involved now!