Announcing some new features!

There’s always a whole bunch of stuff happening behind the scenes at Gidsy…

We’re constantly making improvements to parts of the website, and are working hard on the new features you’ve been waiting for. Over the past few weeks, we did a big overhaul of our technical infrastructure which has allowed us to make Gidsy faster and even more reliable.

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Here are some of the updates we’ve implemented this week:

  • New City pages. This wil give you a glimpse of a much easier way to find relevant activities. You can now see what’s happening in the coming week, and see what events have upcoming scheduled events.
  • SSL for login, sign up and booking. Using Gidsy is now more secure than ever! This means that when you’re using these pages, the communications with us are now encrypted. Your safety is very important to us and we’re always working ways to improve this. 
  • New buttons and menus! Gidsy is growing fast, and we want to make sure everybody has a great experience using Gidsy in the way they like. This is only a small step towards delivering a better experience for all kinds of users worldwide. We have made Gidsy more usable and at the same time, we’ve built fallbacks for every type of browser or device.
  • Log in with your “Gidsy Page” name. Every little bit counts in making Gidsy easier to use. We’ve changed the old “vanity URLs” into “Gidsy Pages”, and you can now use your unique Gidsy Page name to log in! 

Up next…

This update is only a small chunk of the things we’ve been working on. In in the upcoming weeks we’ll be announcing some bigger, newer features. 

Have any feedback for us in the meantime? Please keep sending us your thoughts and help us make Gidsy a better place - we love hearing from you, and really appreciate your suggestions.