Happy International Tourist Guide Day!

According to the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, Feb. 21st is International Tourist Guide Day! The day aims to bring the attention of local authorities, fellow citizens and the media to the quality and value of local tourist guides. At Gidsy (from the Dutch word “Gids”, meaning guide), we love our tour guides! The many unique urban adventures that are listed on Gidsy motivate us every day, and we’re thrilled to have such a cool group of local guides be part the Gidsy Community. 

photo:  National Maritime Museum | http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationalmaritimemuseum/5074436601/

To celebrate, why not Join us in supporting our local tour guides, and book a tour on Gidsy today? There are many urban adventures to choose from! 

If you’re in Berlin



  • Gather the family and “Hail a Tour!" of Harry Potter’s London, and explore the film’s most iconic locations in a classic black cab. 
  • Spend a Saturday afternoon exploring the newer side of London on this “Modern Architecture" tour. 


San Francisco,

  • Join the “Hood Tour & Picnic”, and explore some of San Francisco’s best neighborhoods, followed by a nice lunch in Alamo Square. 
  • On “San Francisco’s Premier Food Tour”, explore the Mission District & enjoy some of the neighborhood’s best artisan nosh. 

Also, if you’re a budding local guide, and have a tour you’d like to offer - be sure to create a listing

Happy Exploring,

Your Gidsy Team.