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Gidsy is now part of GetYourGuide

Gidsy is now part of GetYourGuide. We’re going to continue what we set out to do: bring people together around activities.

Just over a year ago, we set out to change the way people travel and explore the world. The idea was sparked from a failed mushroom hunt - we couldn’t find a local expert to help us pick wild mushrooms for a risotto - and grew from there. Together with a Community of local guides and experts, passionate explorers, makers, foodies, pilots and more, Gidsy quickly expanded from Berlin to over 140 cities across the world.

Together with you, we brought Gidsy to every corner of the globe, started a Food Revolution, DIY’d over Maker Weekends, got together for Meetups and most importantly, had fun. We were constantly inspired and humbled by the wonderful stories we heard, and the people we met and were lucky to work with through Gidsy. Above all else, we must extend a heartfelt thank you to the amazing Gidsy Community, for everything.

You can learn more about the news on our homepage, or you can send us a line at support@gidsy.com.

Keep exploring,

- The Gidsy Team

This is so cool. The town of Todmorden in England has set out to become “food independent” by 2018. 

Such an inspiring community initiative! Watch the video to learn more. 

In other news, over 100,000 of you fine people are now following this here blog - thank you so much, we’re thrilled!

Video discovered c/o Etsy & Good.

From the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz, this video highlights the most iconic locations found in the Bay Area. 

Such gorgeous shots of San Francsico - makes us want to book a flight!

What’s the #1 destination on your Travel Bucket List? 

What’s the #1 destination on your Travel Bucket List? 

Map of Berlin from 1789. Super cool. 
Berliners - can you spot your neighbourhood or street? 

Map of Berlin from 1789. Super cool. 

Berliners - can you spot your neighbourhood or street? 

The Gidsy Garden Project: Updates
We’re a couple of weeks into the Gidsy Garden Project, a full week into Spring and we’ve got some serious sprouts! 

In addition to the many bean & arugula sprouts from our last update, the garden is now rocking some tomatoes and strawberries! 

How are your garden projects going? 

Let’s get lost! 

Let’s get lost! 

ABE. Always Be Exploring. 
And don’t forget about Earth Hour this weekend!

ABE. Always Be Exploring

And don’t forget about Earth Hour this weekend!

Announcing Location Pages

At Gidsy, we want to provide you with the best possible tools to discover unique activities around the world. Now, in addition to being able to search the globe for things to do, we’re introducing dedicated pages for Gidsy’s most popular cities.

Here you can see an overview of what’s upcoming in the city, top categories, and recent activity reviews. Have a look at some of our favorites:

New York City

This is the just beginning of some new & exciting ways to explore on Gidsy, so stay tuned for future developments. As always, we would love to hear your feedback.

Introducing your new Profile Pages!

We are excited to share the brand new Gidsy Profile pages. After listening carefully to your feedback, we started from scratch and set out to make your Gidsy Profile shine (with the least amount of work from your side).


Your very own store 
As soon as someone lands on your Profile, they can instantly get a sense of who you are by seeing you picture, verification, some short stats and also see the activities you’ve organized or participated in.

More about you
We now enable you to share your entire life story with your visitors (as long as it fits within 1000 characters), instead of the previous 160 characters (you can edit your bio here).

Single page Profile
Any visitor can see everything you’ve publicly done on Gidsy, all on one page, just by scrolling down. This includes the activities you’ve organized, reviews received and given, your recommendations, attended events and wish listed activities.

As always, if you have any feedback for us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.